If Your Hair Could Talk, What Would It Say?

Everyone knows that I am a hair analysis specialist, and I have been identifying the root causes of health symptoms and disease since 1991. If you read my book Sweet Poison, you will understand my … [Read more...]

Where Do I Send My Hair Sample?

  When shipping your hair locally or from an International address, our delivery address is: Dr. Janet Hull 31981 Oyama Rd. San Benito, TX 78586   We will let you know as soon … [Read more...]

Vitamin Deficiencies and Weight Gain

According to research from scientists at the University of Queensland presented in the Journal of Nutrition, certain vitamin deficiencies are linked to weight gain and obesity. B-Vitamins The aim of … [Read more...]


The payment for the hair analysis is due before the lab commences testing. Once your hair and payment have been received and sent to the lab, you cannot receive a refund. 30 Days If you change … [Read more...]

Why Taking Isolated Calcium Won’t Work Without Its Companions

New research has shown that taking calcium supplements is linked to brain lesions -- even at low doses. Confused? For decades, doctors and Big Pharma have promoted isolated calcium as healthy - some … [Read more...]

Arsenic Found In California Wines

According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on March 19, 2015, many popular inexpensive brands of wine made and distributed in California contain illegal and dangerously high levels of poisonous … [Read more...]

World’s Best International Vitamin Orders

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when shopping for vitamins. There are so many choices, from the basic multi's to protein powders to seed oils. I recommend ordering vitamins online from a company … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal Toxicity Can Ruin Your Health

Heavy metal poisoning results from the accumulation of metals in the body past trace amounts. Common examples of metals that are toxic in any amounts are mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. This is … [Read more...]

Does Dr. Hull Do Phone Consultations Outside The US?

Dr. Hull enjoys speaking with clients about their health concerns, and she offers a phone consultation service. Click this link, and you can choose the times you wish to speak with … [Read more...]

Online Nutrition Colleges

Q: Do you know of any good online schools or programs that offer alternative and holistic nutrition degrees? A: I have a friend who is getting her ND degree from the University of Natural Medicine, … [Read more...]

Dr. Hull’s Hair Analysis and Interpretation

If you are experiencing health symptoms that your doctor cannot "see", if you use aspartame or the other chemical sweeteners, or if you have been exposed to heavy metals, a hair analysis will … [Read more...]

Alternative Medicine and The Hair Analysis

Alternative medicine is a return to the "old" world of medicine. It takes a slower approach, but it digs down to the root of health issues. Without pulling that root of disease out of your body, … [Read more...]

About Dr. Hull And The Hair Analysis

Dr. Hull's counseling expertise is based on her professional background in environmental toxicology. She counsels celebrities, professional athletes and sports figures, other medical practitioners, … [Read more...]

Detoxification and Nutrition

Have you ever washed greasy dishes without hot water or dish soap? The dishes don't get clean, do they? When toxic metals and chemical food additives get inside your body, it takes a strong "cleanser" … [Read more...]

Where to Mail Your Hair Sample

Please mail your hair sample to the following postal address: Dr. Janet Starr Hull 31981 Oyama Rd. San Benito, TX 78586 Tele: 469-424-3406 We are sorry, but you can not send your hair … [Read more...]

Type of Hair Accepted

We accept a variety of hair types. The most accurate is from the back of the head. However, you can submit pubic hair or chest hair. Our hair analysis for pets and animals does not require a … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t My Doctor Use The Hair Analysis?

One of the shortcomings of the American Medical Association (AMA) is the lack of nutritional education required for medical students. American medical schools are dominated by the pharmaceutical … [Read more...]

I Don’t Live Near Dr. Hull, So Can I Still Do The Hair Analysis?

Q: I would like more information about having a hair analysis, but I don't live in the same area as Dr. Hull. A: Dr. Hull works with people all over the world, and she has designed her websites for … [Read more...]

What If I Don’t Have Enough Head Hair?

Don't worry about not having enough head hair. Many people shave their heads or have undergone chemotherapy, so you can submit pubic hair, beard, or chest hair. Do not feel uncomfortable about … [Read more...]

How Much Hair Is Needed For The Hair Analysis?

We need one-tablespoon of hair. Please visit this link for a video with instructions on submitting your hair sample to us.   … [Read more...]

Where Do You Send Your Hair Sample?

Our Address If you use a courier or postal mail, our delivery address is: Dr. Janet Hull 31981 Oyama Rd. San Benito, TX 78586 Tele: 469-424-3406 Feel free to email our office with any … [Read more...]

How To Submit Your Hair

  It is important that we receive enough hair to send to the lab, so click on this link for an instructional video on submitting your hair sample to us. We need one-tablespoon of … [Read more...]

Price Options

Dr. Hull offers three pricing options for your hair analysis: $180.00 USD for the lab results and Dr. Hull's interpretation and recommendations emailed to you; Add $15.00 shipping and handling … [Read more...]

Phone Consultations

Dr. Hull enjoys speaking with clients about their health concerns, and she offers a phone consultation service. Click this link, and you can choose the times you wish to speak with her. How This … [Read more...]

Will I Get To See My Lab Report?

Yes, Dr. Hull will email you a detailed report from the lab, along with her 10+-page interpretation of your results and her recommendations. Visit our Sample Hair Analysis to see a lab report. Dr. … [Read more...]

Hair Analysis – Providing A Roadmap to Wellness

Did you know that your hair has the advantage of long-term memory? Hair is a permanent record, like tree rings. A three-inch strand of human hair will give a six-month history of what's going on in … [Read more...]

International Orders

Getting a hair analysis with Dr. Hull is extremely easy if you are located outside of the United States. For International orders we highly recommend you fill out your health information online and … [Read more...]

Is The Hair Analysis Really Accurate?

Yes, it is. A hair analysis is as credible as a standard blood or urine test – maybe even more. The hair analysis has been used in forensic medicine for over a century. The key to a good hair … [Read more...]

How to Order a Hair Analysis

We have provided several links for information on submitting your hair sample. This is the link to get started. Go to this page to learn how much hair to cut for your hair analysis, and visit … [Read more...]

How Much Does The Hair Analysis Cost?

We charge $180.00 USD. Dr. Hull hasn't raised her prices in over 10 years because, as a single mom, she respects how tight money can be these days. That said, we also know that you get what you pay … [Read more...]

How To Submit Hair – Video

One of the most common questions asked about Dr. Hull's Hair Analysis Service is how to submit your hair. This video is narrated by Dr. Hull and includes answers for common hair submission questions … [Read more...]

The Importance of Hair In Health

Extensive research established that scalp hair element levels are related to human systemic levels. The strength of this relationship varies for specific elements, and many researchers consider hair … [Read more...]

I Have Really Short Hair

My hair is very short - I do not cut it, I buzz it. Can I buzz my entire head, not just the back as you recommend, but the front, also? Will this give you the amount of hair needed for the hair … [Read more...]

Will Breast Feeding Influence Results?

I currently breast feed - - does that matter when doing the hair analysis?  Will it change my results? I am wondering if the breastfeeding can cause my body to lose nutrients that would otherwise be … [Read more...]

Ordering By Mail

Please fill out the submission form online and we will email you the form to print off. You can then mail your submission form with your hair sample, and you can also include payment with your hair … [Read more...]

Can I Order Over The Phone?

We offer a variety of ordering options for the convenience of our patients around the world. For our customers who prefer to submit their payment over the phone, we can process your credit card for … [Read more...]

Mercury Toxicity Sources

Mercury poisoning often goes undetected because the health symptoms do not necessarily show up immediately. Symptoms and Sources Mercury poisoning can lead to health symptoms such … [Read more...]

Canceling Orders

Once your hair has been received and sent to the lab, you cannot receive a refund. If you have not sent us your hair within 60 days, however, you can receive a full refund, minus on-line credit … [Read more...]

Mercury – The Awesome But Deadly Metal

Exposure to high levels of mercury can create health dangers in the following ways: * Elemental mercury vapor can result in nervous system damage including tremors and mood and personality … [Read more...]

Contact Dr. Hull’s Offices

Dr. Hull always appreciates hearing from her readers and web site visitors, but unfortunately she cannot provide free personal health advice via email, phone or regular mail, nor can she personally … [Read more...]

Cobalt (Co) – B12

Humans absorb cobalt (Co) both as organic Cobalt and as vitamin B12, but the body treats these two forms differently. Humans cannot convert inorganic Co into vitamin B12, but B12 provides the only … [Read more...]

Barium (Ba)

Barium (Ba) is found in chlorides (used in sucralose/Splenda), in nitrates and sulfides, and can be toxic. Persistent elevated levels of hair Ba are often a result of diagnostic medical tests. Ba … [Read more...]

Strontium (Sr)

Strontium (Sr) is correlated with calcium levels in the hair, and is one of the essential bone nutrients. Chemically, Sr is similar to calcium and boron, and Sr can replace calcium in many biological … [Read more...]

Selenium (Se)

Selenium (Se) is an essential element, but it is also one of the most toxic when exposure is excessive. Low Se levels in the body are reflective of dietary intake and associated with cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Phosphorus (P)

Phosphorus (P) levels in the body depend on many things, primarily, they reflect the interactions of P with calcium and vitamin D. P is one of the many important bone nutrients, and is a major … [Read more...]

Lithium (Li)

Lithium (Li) is a natural, essential element for body function, and is an important nutrient for brain and hormone development. Natural lithium is very different from Li carbonate forms used in … [Read more...]

Iodine (I)

Iodine (I) is a key nutrient to thyroid health, and is effected by the exposure to toxic chemicals (aspartame and other diet sweeteners; lead, mercury, and cadmium for examples). I is an essential … [Read more...]

Boron (B)

There are more to bone nutrients than just calcium. Boron (B) plays a very important role in bone health, and is needed for bone density and normal membrane function. In postmenopausal women who … [Read more...]

Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum (Mo) is typically low because of a diet deficiency. Hair is rarely contaminated with Mo from outside sources. Mo is an essential trace element that is an activator of specific enzymes and … [Read more...]

Vanadium (V)

Vanadium (V) is a blood sugar nutrient, and it has direct effects on thyroid metabolism and insulin production. V assists in the regulation of sodium and potassium. Food sources of V … [Read more...]

Chromium (Cr)

Hair chromium (Cr) levels provide a better indication of tissue levels than urine or blood. Cr is seldom affected  by hair treatments, dyes, permanent solutions, or bleach. Cr (trivalent) is … [Read more...]

Manganese (Mn)

Manganese (Mn) levels in the hair are a good indicator of Mn in the body. Mn is commonly confused with magnesium, primarily because the word are so similar. Mn, like Mg, is an essential element but it … [Read more...]

Zinc (Zn)

The hair analysis is a good screen for Zn levels in the body. High levels of Zn can be toxic to the body. Zn is an essential element required for: numerous biological processes immune system … [Read more...]

Potassium (K)

Potassium (K) levels in the hair reflect adrenal function and electrolyte balance more efficiently than they represent dietary intake. K is an electrolyte and an activator of enzyme functions in the … [Read more...]

Sodium (Na)

Sodium (Na) is an essential element with electrolyte functions. Both high and low levels in the hair may be consistent with electrolyte imbalances and adrenal insufficiency. When Na and potassium … [Read more...]

Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential element with both electrolyte and enzyme-activator functions. Body excess of Mg is rare but if Mg levels are high in the hair, the following may occur: excess oral or … [Read more...]

Calcium (Ca)

Ca is the most abundant element in the body. It is commonly contained in the bones, but Ca is also actively involved in muscle contraction, the nervous system, hormone secretion, and immune responses. … [Read more...]

Tin (Sn)

Hair tin (Sn) levels correlate with environmental exposure. Sn is a toxic element in both its organic and inorganic forms. Sources for Sn are: food dental amalgams cosmetics preservatives food … [Read more...]

Silver (Ag)

Hair silver (Ag) levels reflect environmental exposure to the element. However, the hair is commonly contaminated with Ag from hair treatments, swimming pools and hot tubs. Ag is not a essential … [Read more...]

Nickel (Ni)

Hair is a very good tissue for monitoring accumulated body stores of nickel (Ni). But, often hair can be contaminated with nickel from hair treatments and dyes. Ni is an essential element which is … [Read more...]

Uranium (U)

Uranium (U) in the hair typically reflects levels of U in other tissues in the body. But the hair may be externally contaminated by shampoos or hair products that contain U. U is very abundant in … [Read more...]

Thorium (Th)

Thorium (Th) is a radioactive element with 13 known isotopes. Th232 constitutes 99% of the naturally occurring Th, and is the isotope Dr. Hull tests for. Th decays by alpha-emission to produce radon, … [Read more...]

Thallium (Tl)

Thallium (Tl) is a highly toxic element, which like lead and mercury, accumulates in many body tissues. Hair levels reflect chronic accumulation, and toxic reactions can have a long latency period … [Read more...]

Platinum (Pt)

Platinum (Pt) is commonly absorbed into the body through inhalation. Pt is a relatively rare element, so most Pt exposures are from occupational sources. Some hair treatments contribute to Pt … [Read more...]

Bismuth (Bi)

Bismuth (Bi) is a non-essential element of somewhat low toxicity, but the excessive intake can cause kidney toxicity and brain toxicity. Bi is used prolifically in manufactured products. Sources of … [Read more...]

Beryllium (Be)

Beryllium (Be) can be toxic to humans and animals. Be is a biological antagonist to magnesium. It has a long-term effect of inducing abnormal activity in T lymphocytes, causing immune dysregulation … [Read more...]

Antimony (Sb)

Antimony is chemically similar to arsenic, but is less toxic. Food and smoking are the usual sources of Sb.  Cigarette smoke can externally contaminate the hair as well as contribute to the uptake of … [Read more...]

Common Questions

Q: If I pay by credit card, do I get a receipt of the payment? A: Yes, a Internet receipt will come at the time of your order, and Dr. Hull sends another copy by postal mail with your hair … [Read more...]

Detox With Consistency

One of the primary keys to success during a detox regimen is to stay consistent. Don't stop as soon as those toxins that you are trying to remove start coming out of you. Don't get scared, don't … [Read more...]

The Story of Your Life Starting Today

By Fabman Kia, a friend of mine posted a phrase on a web-site that instantly grabbed my attention. It was so powerful, but so simple I’m sure quite … [Read more...]

The Results of the Total Life Success 21-Day Challenge!

The results of the January 2003 Total Life Success 21-Day Challenge are in and are nothing less than spectacular! This Challenge, Total Life Success' third, was the largest and most inspiring yet. In … [Read more...]

Can't get well? Check your diet!

By Jeannie Crabtree C.Ac. The inability to heal from illness or disease can come from eating depleted or marginally depleted foods. Sub Clinical nutritional deficiencies can make … [Read more...]

ADD/ADHD or Autism

Dr. Hull's experience in toxicology and nutrition are well suited for specific cases of ADD/ADHD and autism, as she is the single mother of three sons, and has been a college professor for over 30 … [Read more...]

Mercury Awesome But Deadly Metal

Mercury poisoning is a topic of concern these days, but don’t give up if you’ve got it - you can get mercury out of your body. It’s tricky, but possible. Mercury is found naturally in the environment … [Read more...]

ADD/ADHD Results

Dr. Hull’s experience in toxicology and nutrition are well suited for helping those with ADD/ADHD, as she has personally experienced how toxic chemicals in our food and environments can lead to … [Read more...]

Health Articles

Featured Article Hair Analysis – The Roadmap to Wellness by Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN Dr. Janet Starr Hull's Articles Cortisol … [Read more...]

10 Steps To Detoxification

Technology. We live in a grand time of technological development. Computers, the Internet, cell phones, digital cameras and DVDs. But the human body has not "kept up" with technology. Human beings … [Read more...]

Mercury Poisoning Information

Mercury poisoning often goes undetected for years because the symptoms presented within the body do not necessarily suggest the mercury as the initiating cause. Mercury poisoning can lead to symptoms … [Read more...]

Fear – Don't Let It Control You!

By Glen Hopkins Fear. What is it? Can you touch it? Can you hold it? Can you show it to another person? I can almost hear you from where I am sitting. "No, no, no". … [Read more...]


Have you ever washed greasy dishes without hot water or dish soap? The dishes don't get clean, do they? When toxic metals and chemical food additives get inside your … [Read more...]

Who Does The Interpretation?

Dr. Hull will interpret the findings from the laboratory. The key to a good hair analysis is in the interpretation - a lost art amid traditional medicine, yet a critical step in disease recovery. Dr. … [Read more...]

Hair Treatment Concerns

If you dye, bleach, or perm your head hair, you can submit a tablespoon of pubic hair as an alternative. You simply cut the pubic hair as close to the skin as possible. If you do submit head hair … [Read more...]

Amount of Hair Required

Our lab requires a tablespoon of your hair for testing. Other labs may require less hair, but Doctor's Data tests for 19 toxins and 22 nutrients, and other labs may not test as thoroughly. If your … [Read more...]

The Turnaround Time

Once we have received your hair sample, it will take approximately two weeks to complete the analysis, which includes Dr. Hull's interpretation time. Dr. Hull will email you when she has received the … [Read more...]

Getting Your Body Ready For Pregnancy

Are you thinking about having a baby? Pregnancy is one of the most unique and wonderful times in many women's lives. Before you get pregnant, it is wise to nutritionally prepare your body. When a … [Read more...]

Sources of Heavy Metals and Chemical Toxins

Human hair levels of toxic elements such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead, and copper have been highly correlated with modern pathological disorders. Nutrients such as iron, manganese and … [Read more...]

Heavy Metal Toxicity

If you are experiencing health problems, and your doctor cannot determine why, exposure to heavy metals may be the cause. Heavy metals are found in nature, and humans are exposed to heavy metals … [Read more...]

Hair Testing For Children

Are you concerned about your child's behavior? As a parent, you know something else is behind their diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or autism. Are you searching for alternative ways to help your child be the … [Read more...]

Detoxification and Nutrition

If you are experiencing headaches, vertigo, hearing loss, sleep disorders, moodiness, weight gain, and other unusual health symptoms that are not normal for you, toxins are most probably at the root … [Read more...]

Essential Nutrients

Do you know which nutrients your body needs? Do you know the levels of all your essential nutrients, and are you really getting the right ones? Essential nutrients are those nutrients derived from … [Read more...]

Hair Testing and Pregnancy

If you are considering becoming pregnant, the time to clean up your body is BEFORE pregnancy, and this way, the baby can come into the world as clean on the inside as it is on the outside. Toxins in … [Read more...]

Nutrition and Vitamins

Vitamin and mineral supplements are a wonderful addition to anyone’s lifestyle. They are a lifetime maintenance program and “insurance policy” to secure health and wellness. Vitamins should be a part … [Read more...]

I Live In Singapore

Q: I lived in Singapore. Can I do a hair analysis? Are there any additional charges? How long does it takes to know the result? After the hair analysis do you recommend what supplements or vitamins I … [Read more...]

My Hair Is Breaking Off

Q: I am a 37 year old African American. My hair frequently breaks off, and I wanted a hair anylsis done to determine why it breaks off. I do not use chemicals on my hair. It grows and it is very … [Read more...]


Lead Hair is an excellant indicator of lead toxicity. Lead is a cummulative toxin that is retained in the central nervous system, bones, brain, glands, and hair. For children, 1 ppm has been found to … [Read more...]


Copper Copper is an essential element that activates specific enzymes. The enzyme dopamine beta-hydroxylase, which catalyzes the formation of norepinephrine from dopamine, requires copper. Copper … [Read more...]


Cadmium Cadmium is a trace metal that is very toxic to humans, and the hair analysis provides an excellent indication of body burden. Cadmium is so toxic to the human body, it has no metabolic … [Read more...]


Arsenic Arsenic is a highly poisonous metallic element registered with the Chemical Poisoning and Environmental Toxicity Centers. Inorganic arsenic deposits in the hair, skin, and nails, in the … [Read more...]


Aluminum Aluminum is a popular metal used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals to cookware. Aluminum salts are soluable in water and are, therefore, easily assimilated into the body. Unwanted … [Read more...]

Can I Get More Than One Hair Analysis Done In A Year?

Yes. Dr. Hull encourages a follow-up analysis to see if toxins are successfully down and if depleted nutrients have been restored to normal levels. She recommends children and patients low in lithium … [Read more...]

Who Performs The Hair Analysis?

Dr. Hull has selected Doctor's Data to perform her hair analyses, one of the finest forensic laboratories in the USA. The protein in the hair follicle holds the composition of the body tissues for a … [Read more...]

Length of Time Between Cutting the Hair Sample and Analyzing It?

Is there a maximum length of time between cutting the hair sample and submitting it? Since the hair analysis was first used in forensic science, there is no time limit between the sample and when it … [Read more...]

Hair Loss and the Hair Analysis

I am wondering if the hair analysis is something I should pursue. I have noticed substantial thinning of my hair along the forehead and temples, receding about 2 inches. I have had my hormone levels … [Read more...]

Do I Wash My Hair Before The Analysis?

I have heard about hair washing before testing which leads to loss of soluble minerals, thereby affecting the test results. Do you wash the hair before testing? Does this affect the soluble minerals … [Read more...]

How Do I Receive My Hair Analysis Report?

Can the hair analysis report be emailed after the lab analysis is complete, or will the report only be mailed to me? Yes, we do email to you an advanced copy of the hair results and Dr. Hull's … [Read more...]

Cost of Hair Analysis Interpretation

Came across your hair analysis web site and my wife and I are ready to send you our hair samples for testing. Is your personal interpretation of the hair analysis report included in the cost, or is it … [Read more...]

Hair Length and Toxicity

I have a question before sending in the hair sample. Your site says a "one inch sample of hair next to scalp shows the past 2 months of growth." So, a three inch sample shows six months.  My hair is … [Read more...]

Toxicity and Your Hair

I was told some toxins and poisons can only be tested for in the root of hair. Is this true?   This is not generally true, but if your exposure to toxins was only recent, then the toxins will only … [Read more...]

The Hair Report

When the hair analysis sample is completed, do I get a copy of the results? You will receive an email copy of your lab results and Dr. Hull's interpretation before we even receive the hard copy … [Read more...]

Arsenic Poisoning/Exposure

How efficient is the hair analysis to assess arsenic poisoning and exposure? The hair analysis is a very good indicator of arsenic levels in the body. There is a marked difference between the hair … [Read more...]

Submitting Health Info

Our patient health form is one of the most unique aspects of Dr. Hull's Hair Analysis Service and uniquely differentiates Dr. Hull from other nutritional practitioners. The hair analysis can be an … [Read more...]

What if I have follow up questions?

You can email us. Click here to contact us via web. … [Read more...]

Do I have To Order Online?

No, you do not have to order online. We created our online ordering system primarily for those in rural areas of the USA and for our patients in other countries. But for anyone around the world, you … [Read more...]

Where Do I Send My Hair?

Put your hair in a small plastic baggy or in an envelope (sealed), and mail to Dr. Hull's office Dr. Janet Starr Hull 31981 Oyama Rd. San Benito, TX 78586 . When we receive your hair, we … [Read more...]

Can I have my analysis rush delivered?

If you request rush delivery, you can send your hair sample Express Mail to Dr. Hull's PO Box 239, Melissa, Texas 75454. Include a return Express postage–label for an 8 X 10 letter size return … [Read more...]

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund for your hair analysis if the hair sample has already been sent to the lab for processing. If your hair sample has not been sent to Dr. Hull within 60 days, a … [Read more...]

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment for the hair analysis, Dr. Hull's 10-page interpretation, and shipping is required before your hair is sent to the lab. We accept a variety of payment methods: Personal check Money … [Read more...]

How much is a hair analysis?

The cost for the hair analysis is $180.00 USA, plus $7.00 for priority shipping which includes Dr. Hull's report and your complete document package (a total of $192.00 USD for International orders). … [Read more...]

Rush Delivery

If you request rush delivery, you can send your hair sample Express Mail to Dr. Hull's PO Box 239, Melissa, Texas 75454. Include a return Express postage–label for a 8 X 10 letter size return, and Dr. … [Read more...]

Ordering Online

[Read more...]

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there is no refund for your hair analysis if the hair sample has already been sent to the lab for processing. If your hair sample has not been sent to Dr. Hull within 60 days, a … [Read more...]

Forms of Payment

[Read more...]

Hair Analysis Pricing Structure

[Read more...]

Hair Treatment Concerns

[Read more...]

Amount of Hair Required

[Read more...]

Lab Testing Info

[Read more...]

Analysis Report & Interpretation

[Read more...]

What Does Hair Reveal?

[Read more...]

Hair Analysis Accuracy

Yes, it is. A hair analysis is as credible as a standard blood or urine test – maybe even more. The key to a good hair analysis is the capability of an accredited laboratory and the expertise of the … [Read more...]