Chromium (Cr)

Hair chromium (Cr) levels provide a better indication of tissue levels than urine or blood. Cr is seldom affected  by hair treatments, dyes, permanent solutions, or bleach.

Cr (trivalent) is generally accepted as an essential trace element required for the maintenance of normal glucose and cholesterol levels. Cr increases the effect of insulin function as a part of the “glucose tolerance factor.” GTF (glucose tolerance formula) is the most effective form of Cr taken in vitamin supplement form.

Cr deficiencies include:

  1. hyperglycemia
  2. transient hyper/hypoglycemia
  3. fatigue
  4. elevated LDL cholesterol
  5. increased need for insulin
  6. diabetes-like symptoms
  7. impaired stress responses
  8. increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Causes of low Cr in the diet:

  1. highly processed foods
  2. inadequate Cr in soil levels
  3. gastrointestinal dysfunction
  4. insufficient B6 intake
  5. iron overload

High Cr levels (trivalent) are low in toxicity, but can cause insomnia and an increase in bad dreams. High Cr levels (hexavalent) are toxic and common in the inhalation of industrial exposure. Sources of hexavalent Cr include:

  1. manufacture and use of ferrochromium and stainless steel
  2. wood finishing
  3. leather and tanning industries
  4. handling of cement

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