If Your Hair Could Talk, What Would It Say?

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Your hair holds your health history. It can tell you what that is.

Everyone knows that I am a hair analysis specialist, and I have been identifying the root causes of health symptoms and disease since 1991. If you read my book Sweet Poison, you will understand my passion because it was the tool that helped save my life.

In today’s polluted world, and with the increasing mandates to get vaccines like the flu shot, I can’t stress enough how important it is to identify what’s going on inside of your body.

How can you resolve a disease if you don’t know what is causing it?

You can’t.

It’s easier to play health detective than it is going to your doctor all of the time, having blood draws and expensive CAT scans.

No thank you.

Talk To Me

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If your hair could talk to you, what would it say?

If your hair could talk, what would it say to you?

Your hair absorbs toxins from both the outside world and the inside of your body. If toxins are environmental, like car pollution, they typically wash away with a shower, but if your exposure to environmental toxins is chronic (daily for many years), your exposure is probably absorbing into your body and circulating from head to toe.

Now what do you do?

Your hair absorbs the toxins that are stuck inside of your body that are trying to excrete. Toxins, also known as free-radicals, have no purpose inside of you. If your body can’t use everything that you eat and drink as a food source for energy, it throws it into the trash bin, and sends it on its way out of the body.

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Your body excretes toxins when you wake up in the morning.

Dumping The Trash

Your body cleanses these toxins at night while you are sleeping because with you out of the way, it can take care of business much more efficiently.

Oxygen and detox nutrients circulate through your blood and water, removing the trash – the chemicals your body can’t use. Your body has an efficient garbage pick-up, excreting your waste through your urine, fecal matter, skin, nails and hair.

Did you know that your body heals your wounds, such as cuts and broken bones, when you are asleep? This is why you sleep a lot when you are sick or injured.

Once the toxins are removed and the garbage is dumped out, what’s outside can’t get back in, unless you are exposed daily to these toxins. This is the beauty of the hair analysis – it’ll tell you if you are currently exposed. If the toxins inside of you aren’t flushed down the toilet or washed off in the shower, they will remain trapped inside of your body, and within the hair follicles, which can be seen in a hair analysis.

The hair analysis got its start in forensic science, and it changed the world by identifying the cause of death in autopsies. Andrew Jackson is a perfect example. They exhumed his body and determined that he died of arsenic poisoning.

Many alternative practitioners, like me, use this knowledge to determine the cause of disease before an autopsy – when you are alive and well. It works beautifully to determine the root cause of disease and health symptoms.

This can prolong your life.

Your hair can tell you what’s going on inside of you before you get deathly sick. This is a great way to avoid disease, and live a happy and healthy life.

What Your Hair Is Telling You

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What is your hair telling you?

Because of my background as an environmental engineer, I know how to distinguish which toxins are affecting which essential nutrients that nourish your different body functions.

Out of the numerous essential vitamins and trace minerals on this planet, each one has a specific job inside of your body. Calcium and magnesium, for example, need to be in a 1:1 ratio to efficiently support your bones, nerve health, and collagen production. But calcium and magnesium have nothing to do with your pancreas and the production of insulin. Those nutrients are chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, and zinc.

They do not compete with one another.

When toxins are present at high levels, they circulate inside of you alongside your essential vitamins and minerals, but something bad happensThe metals interfere with your health because they repel the nutrients, and reflect them outside of your body unused.

Consider Calcium

If you are high in electrical conductive metals such as aluminum, copper, or tin, these metals will combine to wire your system, much like the wiring in your house. They are kinetic, electrically active, and this can cause you to not only be anxious, fidgety, and literally “wired” (ADHD), but the metals can prevent your bone nutrients from entering your bone tissue. So, the calcium sits outside of your bones in your joints, causing arthritic symptoms or fibromyalgia symptoms.

And, your calcium will be high in your hair, blood, and urine. This can be the root of bladder pain, kidney problems, and joint pain.

Listen To Your Body

The hair analysis results from Doctor's Data.

A hair analysis shows toxic levels of heavy metals.

At the end of the day, if you are experiencing health symptoms, old or new, become a health detective and spend your time searching for the answers why health symptoms are a problem.

If you listen to your body, and let your hair tell you what is going on inside of you, you can start a wellness journey that will guide you in the right direction.

Contact me if you’d like to learn more about this amazing wellness tool. Now you understand my passion because it was the tool that helped save my life.

I listened to my body. It was telling me how to stay well, and it worked.


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