The hair analysis is an easy way to discover if toxins are inside of your body. The test also shows the essential nutrients needed for optimal health. The hair analysis is an excellent way to learn more about your personal health from the inside-out.

Top Hair Analysis Benefits

  • Discover if harmful substances are in your body and learn how to remove them;
  • Gain clarity to many unresolved health symptoms by identifying their hidden sources;
  • Discover which vitamins and essential nutrients may be out of balance;
  • Design a healthy regimen for your personal lifestyle, including all ages and activity levels;
  • Track your health progress in a simple way – all online in the convenience of your home, no matter where you live!

How to Get My Hair Analysis Online

My program is super easy:

  1. Send me your health information (online or through regular mail)
  2. Mail a sample of your hair (regular mail or courier)
  3. Watch this video on how to cut your hair sample
  4. Receive my detailed report online in 10 to 14 days (lab report AND my detailed nutrition interpretation with recommendations)

Why Choose My Program?

I have conducted thousands of hair analyses since 1995. I am the first nutritionist to offer the hair analysis online using the internet, and I have since expanded my counseling services worldwide.

I personally discovered the hair analysis in 1991 when I used it for myself to help cure a mysterious, “incurable” diagnosis of Grave’s Disease. I have helped numerous people all over the world find hidden toxins inside of their bodies that has changed, if not saved, their life or the life of someone they love.

I particularly enjoy working with children because when toxins are discovered, and removed, from a child before puberty, that child can grow and develop much more healthily.

I cured myself from Grave’s Disease using the hair analysis because I found the answers why I was so ill. It is now my life’s work to help others discover their answers to chronic disease and health concerns.

What’s The Cost?

I charge $180.00 USD, which includes the lab fee and my personal interpretation report, including my nutrition recommendations. I believe that the hair analysis is one of the best nutritional tools in the modern world, and that my skill interpreting the hair analysis is a benefit.

All the best in health,

Signed Janet Hull
– Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN

Lets Get Started

Dr. Hull's Hair Test is $180 USD which includes a lab report and her detailed interpretation with nutrition recommendations.