Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum (Mo) is typically low because of a diet deficiency. Hair is rarely contaminated with Mo from outside sources. Mo is an essential trace element that is an activator of specific enzymes and aids in the digestion and the assimilation of nutrients.

Symptoms of Mo deficiency include:

  1. subnormal uric acid in blood and urine
  2. sensitivity and reactivity to sulfites
  3. protein intolerance (specifically to sulfur-bearing amino acids)
  4. sensitivity and reactivity to aldehydes, such as formaldehyde, a breakdown product of aspartame

Mo deficiencies may result from:

  1. poor quality diet
  2. GI dysfunction
  3. tungsten exposure (TIG welding)
  4. copper overload

Mo sources include:

  1. lubricants
  2. catalysts
  3. pigments
  4. organic glazes
  5. steel alloys

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