Thorium (Th)

Thorium (Th) is a radioactive element with 13 known isotopes. Th232 constitutes 99% of the naturally occurring Th, and is the isotope Dr. Hull tests for. Th decays by alpha-emission to produce radon, and over a period of time eventually converts to lead. This decay process produces alpha, beta, and gamma emissions.

Th is considered mildly toxic due to:

  1. the low level of radioactivity
  2. slight biochemical toxicity

Th health effects:

  1. may inhibit amylase and phosphatase enzymes
  2. binds to bone tissues

Th is as abundant in the Earth as lead, and is found when mining for titanium and rare Earth elements.

Th uses:

  1. incandescent gas lantern mantles
  2. refractory materials
  3. coating for tungsten in electronic applications
  4. tungsten-inert-gas welding electrodes

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