Does Dr. Hull Do Phone Consultations Outside The US?

Dr. Hull enjoys speaking with clients about their health concerns, and she offers a phone consultation service. Click this link, and you can choose the times you wish to speak with her.

An old fashioned black phone.

Dr. Hull does phone consultations within the US/Canada/Mexico.

International Clients

Dr. Hull works with people worldwide, but she will phone you only if you live within US/Canada/Mexico. She is more than happy to speak with you if you live outside of this calling area if you phone her.

Please email our offices, and we will schedule a time for you to call.

How This Works

  1. Once you have ordered your consultation, an email comes to our office, and our staff will get back to you to confirm the time that works best for you;
  2. Dr. Hull will phone you at the designated time and number that you provide us;
  3. Email our office with your health concerns, any medical information that you wish to provide through attachments, etc, so Dr. Hull will be best prepared to make your consultaion a valuable exchange of health information and resources.

It’s that simple.

Lets Get Started

Dr. Hull's Hair Test is $180 USD which includes a lab report and her detailed interpretation with nutrition recommendations.

About Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN has been offering the hair analysis service since 1995. She is the leading expert in environmental toxicology and holistic health and nutrition. Dr. Hull is the first nutritionist to offer the hair analysis through the internet. Connect with Dr. Hull on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.