Platinum (Pt)

Platinum (Pt) is commonly absorbed into the body through inhalation. Pt is a relatively rare element, so most Pt exposures are from occupational sources. Some hair treatments contribute to Pt contamination of the hair.

In recent years, there has been a slight increase in environmental Pt due to the use of Pt as a catalyst in automobile exhaust converters. Pt is a byproduct of copper refining, and used as an alloy in dental and orthopedic materials.

Symptoms of excess exposure include:

  1. dermatitis
  2. irritation of the mucus membranes
  3. COPD, shortness of breath
  4. wheezing
  5. development of chronic allergic reactions
  6. swelling. water retention
  7. elevated protein in the urine
  8. increased blood cholesterol

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