Arsenic Poisoning/Exposure

How efficient is the hair analysis to assess arsenic poisoning and exposure?

The hair analysis is a very good indicator of arsenic levels in the body. There is a marked difference between the hair testing and blood and urine tests, primarily because the hair shows a long-term exposure, called chronic exposure, and the blood and urine show more recent and current exposures, called acute. Acute exposures may not be deeply deposited inside your body, but typically circulate in the blood and exit through the urine. This does not tell you if your body is saturated at deeper tissue layers, but it does tell you that you are currently exposed to the toxin.

Chronic exposure through the hair testing tells us that the toxins have been inside you for a longer period of time, and that deposition has occurred, which then affects organs and critical body tissues, your immune system, and typically is the root of health symptoms and disease.

So, the hair analysis draws a map of toxins and exposures that have been there long enough to begin impacting your health.

Blood and urine toxins show that exposure is circulating through your body at the present time. If you catch this early on, it is usually soon enough to detox, remove the source, and replace what nutrients the toxins are depleting before disease results.

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