Bismuth (Bi)

Bismuth (Bi) is a non-essential element of somewhat low toxicity, but the excessive intake can cause kidney toxicity and brain toxicity. Bi is used prolifically in manufactured products.

Sources of Bi include:

  1. cosmetics, particularly lipstick
  2. medications; commonly in antacids (Pepto-Bismol®)
  3. pigments in colored glass and ceramics
  4. dental cement
  5. dry cell battery electrodes

Symptoms of moderate Bi toxicity are:

  1. constipation or irregularity
  2. foul breath
  3. blue/black gum line
  4. malaise

High levels of Bi include:

  1. kidney disease in children
  2. nondiabetic chronic renal disease
  3. neurotoxic tremors
  4. memory loss and dementia
  5. leg and muscle jerking
  6. seizures

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