Iodine (I)

Iodine (I) is a key nutrient to thyroid health, and is effected by the exposure to toxic chemicals (aspartame and other diet sweeteners; lead, mercury, and cadmium for examples). I is an essential element and is required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones; I binds the tyrosine residue in thyroglobulin to form T3 and T4.

Symptoms associated with I deficiency are:

  1. fatigue
  2. weight gain
  3. reduced metabolic rate and cellular respiration
  4. elevated LDL cholesterol
  5. goiter

I is readily absorbed by the body in organic forms within the thyroid, the stomach, and in the small intestine.

Good dietary sources of I include:

  1. seafood
  2. kelp
  3. sunflower seeds
  4. mushrooms
  5. beef liver
  6. natural cheddar cheese
  7. organic peanuts
  8. some iodized salt

I excess is often accompanied by elevated aluminum, silver, nickel and tin, commonly found in hair dyes and hair preparations.

Health conditions associated with high I levels include:

  1. hypersensitivity
  2. hypothyroidism
  3. thyroiditis
  4. iodide goiter
  5. acne and skin breakouts
  6. dry skin
  7. burning and soreness of mouth and throat
  8. nausea/diarrhea

If the hypothalmus and pituitary glands are impacted by toxins and/or artificial sweetener use, Plummer’s disease and Grave’s disease may occur.

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