Hair is an excellant indicator of lead toxicity. Lead is a cummulative toxin that is retained in the central nervous system, bones, brain, glands, and hair. For children, 1 ppm has been found to correlate with increased risk of hyperactivity; over 3 ppm increases the risk of learning disabilities. Hair lead levels are commonly elevated in association with ADD/ADHD, and lead interferes with the metabolism of vitamin D.

Blood tests for lead are only indicative of ongoing or recent lead exposure and do not give accurate information about total body burden, like the hair analysis will show.

Hair levels of iron, boron, calcium and zinc are typically elevated with high lead levels.

Sources of exogenous lead are:

* Bone meal
* Car batteries
* Canned fruit/juices
* Ceramic glazes
* Cigarette ash
* Eating utensils
* Auto exhaust
* Leaded gasoline
* Hair dyes
* Insecticides
* Lead crystal dishes and glassware
* Lead refineries
* Lead smelters
* Lead water pipes
* Mascara
* Milk
* Evaporated milk
* Organ meats
* Lead-based paint
* Pesticides
* Porcelain glazed sinks and bathtubs
* Produce (near roads)
* Putty
* PVC containers
* Rainwater
* Snow
* Solder
* Tobacco, pre 1986 (50% lead)
* Toothpaste
* Toys
* Vinyl mini-blinds
* Water, city and well
* Wine

Lead has neurotoxic effects and can affect the body’s ability to utilize the essential elements calcium, magnesium, and zinc. High levels of lead affect memory and cognitive abilities, nerve conductions, and can create anemia. Symptoms associated with high levels of lead include:

* Anemia
* Headaches
* Gastric distress
* Fatigue
* Weight loss
* Cognitive dysfunction and decreased coordination
* Memory loss
* Nerve conductions
* Infertility

“Lead poisoning is a very serious health matter. More awareness on the dangers of lead has taken place over the last twenty years, but it is still important to secure lead levels are not accumulating within the human body.”

– Dr. Janet Starr Hull, PhD., CN

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