Do I Wash My Hair Before The Analysis?

I have heard about hair washing before testing which leads to loss of soluble minerals, thereby affecting the test results. Do you wash the hair before testing? Does this affect the soluble minerals in the hair?

Our hair analysis lab does wash the hair, BUT we believe that is a more efficient protocol to follow. Many toxins can be “false” toxins as a result of air pollution, toxins from your shower head or pipes, and chemicals that may not be absorbed into the body but present in your life. Just walking down the street can expose you to toxins, but if these toxins are not inside of your body tissues, they are not adversely affecting your health.

The lab does not want to be steered off focus by these false toxins, so it is best, in our opinion, to wash these false toxins off the hair, and what does not wash away, is indeed, a toxin that can affect your health.

If mercury, lead or arsenic are INSIDE of you, washing the hair follicle should NOT wash away these toxins. They imprint in the protein on the hair follicle.

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