Alternative Medicine and The Hair Analysis

Old scrolls and books.

Natural medicine is as authentic as our history.

Alternative medicine is a return to the “old” world of medicine. It takes a slower approach, but it digs down to the root of health issues. Without pulling that root of disease out of your body, health symptoms and illness can continue forever.

It is important to learn why your health symptoms have appeared; never stop searching for what is at the root of health changes.

Research your health concerns in every way that you can, and you will find that your answers will eventually surface. Then you can design the detox means to remove the cause of illness and restore any health damage done.

The hair analysis is a great tool to find those answers and to learn the alternative ways to help remove damaging body toxins.

I think that the hair analysis and the detox are worth doing; this can only help you on a journey that you are ready to begin if yu are reading this article!

Lets Get Started

Dr. Hull's Hair Test is $180 USD which includes a lab report and her detailed interpretation with nutrition recommendations.

About Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Janet Starr Hull, PhD, CN has been offering the hair analysis service since 1995. She is the leading expert in environmental toxicology and holistic health and nutrition. Dr. Hull is the first nutritionist to offer the hair analysis through the internet. Connect with Dr. Hull on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.