Can't get well? Check your diet!

By Jeannie Crabtree C.Ac.

The inability to heal from illness or disease can come from eating depleted or marginally depleted foods. Sub Clinical nutritional deficiencies can make complete healing impossible.

Why Can’t I Just Take A Supplement?
The taking of nutritional supplements, we have been told will fill these deficiencies. Yes, they can be helpful if they are derived Of natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals, not full of fillers and binders and little nutrition. This has been my observation: The QUALITY of the nutritional supplements varies greatly today.
Most of supplementation today is poor quality.

I saw someone the other day that tested to need some zinc. However in testing (Applied Kinesiology) his Zinc that he brought with him, he would have needed four or five tablets per day. They were not small tablets and the zinc itself in the tablets was not a mega dose. So this means that he was swallowing a lot of filler substance. The kicker here is that he is a nutritional consultant, but does not understand about the differences in quality it seems!

I suggest that you find a qualified professional who watches quality of his/her products and is aware of that taking poor quality supplementscan actually deplete your body of nutrition and vitality, trying to process the poor nutrition, fillers and binders of the supplements.

So What Else to Do?
Unless you have severe Colon problems, increase your vegetable and fruit consumption. Eat a variety. I can not give an exact diet for every one here, but try this: Make half of what you eat Vegetables with two or more pieces of fruit added. Cooking depletes the food of enzymes,so make sure to have a good portion of these fruits and vegetables raw.

When possible buy organic produce. These foods usually contain a higher amount of Vitamins and Minerals that we need in our diet than the food we buy at the grocery store. The organic producers are are trying to rebuild the soil and are careful about putting harmful herbicides and pesticideson their products and in the fields.

When you eat your foods in their more natural form, your body chooses what it needs for rebuilding and balancing, from the chemistry of the food.

Do add good source of oils in your diet from such things as olive oil, flaxseed Oil, almond oil and most other oils found in the Health foodstore. However do not use Canola Oil, or Rapeseed as it is sometimes called, no matter if it is found in the Health Food Store. More on that another time.

What not to eat and drink
First, cut down on your junk food and then move into making it a treat instead of a daily thing. The lightened load from removing the Chemicals, dyes, fats and sugars from your diet will help immensely.

Coffee – here goes folks! Drinking four cups of coffee per day depletes the body of calcium. It is an acid and the body must pull Calcium out of the bones to buffer the acids. Cut way back in your Coffee consumption.

Water from the tap.
Most of our water today is filled with chemicals including floride. It is better to buy a water filter or reverse osmosis
Water purifier.

By the way, some of the plastic from the
bottled water you buy at the stores can leach into the water creating problems. It is better to buy food grade water containers. Usually blue tinted And a little harder plastic than the soft white ones.

How Much Water Should I Drink?
And as a side note, drink about 1 quart of water for 50 pounds of weight. This helps flush the poisons and toxins out as your body starts to do some housecleaning.
Better Food And Plenty Of Water
Leads To Good Health

In following what I have outlined, you may begin to heal fully. It certainly can only help and do no harm.This may take some time. The body usually will begin to do some housecleaning once it gets better vitality and is not having to use it’s energy to get rid of the poisons and toxins and deal with the low vitality of the poor quality food.

Healing Episodes
Along the way, you may go through a healing episode.Not everyone does. You may have mild episodes of illnesses you have experienced before, mild Flu like symptoms. If you look in the mirror, you will notice that your eyes remain clear and bright. Usually your mental clarity does not take a dip, as it does when you are not well.

The symptoms regress on their own and you will emerge on the other side, with a sense of wellness that you did not have before.

You keep this level of health by continuing the better diet.Some of the patients that see me sheepishly admit that when they go back to eating their old style, they notice not feeling nearly as well. It is easy for most people to see, once they have cleared out the poisons and toxins and have gotten used to the better food. Your body will thank you with more vitality and better health!


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