Detox With Consistency

One of the primary keys to success during a detox regimen is to stay consistent. Don’t stop as soon as those toxins that you are trying to remove start coming out of you. Don’t get scared, don’t panic, and by all means, don’t stop once you’ve got those toxins on the move.

If you feel that you DO need to make a trip to the ER for other health concerns, surely do so for your safety’s sake. But if the toxins are causing you flu-like symptoms, body aches, headaches, or exacerbated skin rashes, take a deep breath to calm down, and consider the fact that you are feeling, and sometimes seeing, what has been inside of you making you feel so ill.

Rashes typically get worse for a few days. Headaches can get stronger.  Stuffy sinuses can get stuffier. But, toxins at the root of these health concerns have to come OUT the way they got in, so it might cause you some body discomfort. You’d have the aches and pains anyway, so ride out the storm.

Prescription medications work very well at suppressing the symptoms that toxins create, and if you continuously push the toxins deeper and deeper into your body, it will take even longer to pull them back out. If you decide to be tough and put up with the reactions these foreign toxins residing inside of you cause, then you can feel fairly confident that once these toxins are outside of your body, your aches and pains will be gone with them.

Once you have decided that toxins are at the root of your health concerns, and you have committed to a detox program, then stay consistent with your commitment to detox, stay strong of faith that you are doing something healthy and prudent, and don’t stop once you get started. There is no point in simply relocating the toxins inside of your body. Stick with a commitment to remove them, no matter how long it might take.

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