Why Doesn’t My Doctor Use The Hair Analysis?

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Most (American) doctors do not know how to interpret the hair analysis because they do not receive nutritional training in US medical schools.

One of the shortcomings of the American Medical Association (AMA) is the lack of nutritional education required for medical students. American medical schools are dominated by the pharmaceutical philosophy of treating disease as opposed to a nutritionally based curriculum of healing.

Blood and urine tests have value, of course, and these lab test results can identify diseases present in the blood, and they help your doctor determine the amount and kind of drugs and medications needed to suppress disease symptoms for immediate relief.

But there is more to healing than drugs.

The hair mineral analysis on the other hand, identifies long-term nutritional deficiencies that can definitely be at the root of disease, along with identifying toxic metals within the body that can cause disease.

Traditional Medical Doctors

Most traditional medical doctors do not know how to interpret a hair analysis, they do not have the time to dedicate to the hair analysis process, and they really do not know how to recommend vitamins or minerals based on a hair mineral test.

What they do best, these days, is write a prescription.

Again, most traditional medical doctors do not know how to interpret a hair analysis, so they quickly dismiss it. Search for a allopathic practitioner who either knows how to read a hair report, or is willing to learn.

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