Cobalt (Co) – B12

A woman cooking vitamins floating from the pan

Humans absorb cobalt (Co) both as organic Cobalt and as vitamin B12, but the body treats these two forms differently.

Humans cannot convert inorganic Co into vitamin B12, but B12 provides the only documented function of Co in the human body.


The dietary content of B12 in foods varies upon the types of foods eaten, the geographic location and type of soil where the food is grown.  Vegetarians often have lower Co levels than meat eaters.

Natural Cobalt is found in:

  1. fish
  2. nuts
  3. green leafy vegetables (broccoli and spinach, for example)
  4. cereals (raw oats, for example)

Research shows that excess Co can impair myocardial metabolism, which results in metabolic acidosis. However, low Co levels can affect hormones because Cobalt is a precursor to healthy hormone production and hormone balance.

It’s good to do a periodic hair analysis to check your Co levels.

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