Will Breast Feeding Influence Results?

I currently breast feed – – does that matter when doing the hair analysis?  Will it change my results? I am wondering if the breastfeeding can cause my body to lose nutrients that would otherwise be there – – and if so, are the results as accurate?  Please let me know your thoughts.  (i.e., should I wait and do the hair analysis later, after breast-feeding?)

Great questions. Your are smart to research any nutrients that may be low due to pregnancy and breast feeding, and wise to search for the specific nutrients that need to be replaced for you and the baby.

Don’t wait to have the hair test done; have it done while breast feeding because pregnancy and breast feeding can draw nutrients from your body needed to nurture the baby’s growth. It is important to know what nutrients you and the baby may be low in.

If you are low, the baby most probably is, also. The hair analysis will serve you both well, and is a wonderful tool to learn what needs to be restored.

I had 3 natural childbirths and I breastfed each child for 10 months, so I really enjoy working with pregnant mothers before, during and after pregnancy. The baby will take the nutrients from the mother BEFORE the mother gets them, so it is typical to be low in certain nutrients.

Let’s do a hair test and get you and the baby 100%.

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