Lithium (Li)

Lithium (Li) is a natural, essential element for body function, and is an important nutrient for brain and hormone development. Natural lithium is very different from Li carbonate forms used in pharmaceuticals. When Li levels are low, organic supplementation may have very beneficial effects in people with behavioral/emotional disorders, severe depression and mood swings, PMS and ED.

Li is found naturally in:

  1. deep rooted greens
  2. seafood and sea vegetables
  3. kelp
  4. natural mineral water
  5. organic, grass-fed meats

Li toxicity can be caused by:

  1. pharmaceuticals containing Li carbonate
  2. manufacturing of lightweight metal alloys
  3. glass
  4. lubrication greases
  5. batteries
  6. colloidal mineral products

High Li levels result in the following health symptoms:

  1. dermatitis
  2. nausea
  3. confusion
  4. edema
  5. hypotension
  6. low sodium levels
  7. competition with calcium/magnesium

When depleted Li levels are restored using organic Li forms, stress relief is typically noticed with 72 hours.

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