Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential element with both electrolyte and enzyme-activator functions. Body excess of Mg is rare but if Mg levels are high in the hair, the following may occur:

  1. excess oral or intravenous supplementation
  2. inefficient absorption and assimilation
  3. body pH imbalances
  4. chronic stress, both emotional and physical
  5. toxic metal or chemical exposure
  6. imbalances of Ca and phosphorus
  7. bone mineral depletion
  8. poor renal clearance
  9. hypoglycemia

Low Mg levels are common and may indicate a Mg deficiency from low dietary intake. Mg is essential for the activity of more than 80% of the body’s enzymes. Causes of a Mg deficiency include:

  1. junk food diets
  2. Mg deficient foods
  3. malabsorption in the intestines
  4. low Ca levels
  5. chemical toxicity
  6. alcoholism
  7. prolonged diarrhea
  8. laxative abuse
  9. medications

Symptoms of low Mg are:

  1. muscle twitching
  2. cramping
  3. tremors and muscle spasms
  4. numbness or tingling on the skin
  5. mental depression

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