Can I Order Over The Phone?

We offer a variety of ordering options for the convenience of our patients around the world. For our customers who prefer to submit their payment over the phone, we can process your credit card for … [Read more...]

Canceling Orders

Once your hair has been received and sent to the lab, you cannot receive a refund. If you have not sent us your hair within 60 days, however, you can receive a full refund, minus on-line credit … [Read more...]

Cost of Hair Analysis Interpretation

Came across your hair analysis web site and my wife and I are ready to send you our hair samples for testing. Is your personal interpretation of the hair analysis report included in the cost, or is it … [Read more...]

Do I have To Order Online?

No, you do not have to order online. We created our online ordering system primarily for those in rural areas of the USA and for our patients in other countries. But for anyone around the world, you … [Read more...]