Mercury Toxicity Sources

Mercury poisoning often goes undetected because the health symptoms do not necessarily show up immediately. Symptoms and Sources Mercury poisoning can lead to health symptoms such … [Read more...]

Mercury – The Awesome But Deadly Metal

Exposure to high levels of mercury can create health dangers in the following ways: * Elemental mercury vapor can result in nervous system damage including tremors and mood and personality … [Read more...]

Barium (Ba)

Barium (Ba) is found in chlorides (used in sucralose/Splenda), in nitrates and sulfides, and can be toxic. Persistent elevated levels of hair Ba are often a result of diagnostic medical tests. Ba … [Read more...]

Tin (Sn)

Hair tin (Sn) levels correlate with environmental exposure. Sn is a toxic element in both its organic and inorganic forms. Sources for Sn are: food dental amalgams cosmetics preservatives food … [Read more...]