Will I Get To See My Lab Report?

Yes, Dr. Hull will email you a detailed report from the lab, along with her 10+-page interpretation of your results and her recommendations. Visit our Sample Hair Analysis to see a lab report. Dr. … [Read more...]

International Orders

Getting a hair analysis with Dr. Hull is extremely easy if you are located outside of the United States. For International orders we highly recommend you fill out your health information online and … [Read more...]

ADD/ADHD or Autism

Dr. Hull's experience in toxicology and nutrition are well suited for specific cases of ADD/ADHD and autism, as she is the single mother of three sons, and has been a college professor for over 30 … [Read more...]

Hair Testing For Children

Are you concerned about your child's behavior? As a parent, you know something else is behind their diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or autism. Are you searching for alternative ways to help your child be the … [Read more...]