Sample Report For A College Student

Andy's first hair analysis results from Doctor's Data.

Andy’s analysis before detoxing


Here is a sample hair analysis report for Andy, a typical college student living on cheap tuna.

His toxic mercury levels are off the chart, and his nutrient levels are out of balance, particularly his blood sugar nutrients. This is commonly seen in young adults because they tend to eat sporadically, and they eat cheaper foods and fast foods, plus they tend to consume higher alcohol levels when away at college.

After detoxing, Andy did a follow-up hair analysis 18 months later, and his mercury levels had dropped by over half.

Health Symptoms

Andy was a typical college student – studying through the late night hours, eating on a budget, and he wasn’t taking vitamins on a regular basis.

He began to run-down, and he started having headaches and mood swings. He knew that he was not “feeling” up-to-par, and wanted to know why.

Andy consumed a can of tuna almost every day for several years. His over-all toxins were low and his nutrients were fairly balanced, but his mercury level was dangerously high, which in turn, depleted his lithium levels.

Lithium is a critical element that supports emotional and hormonal development. Thinking he was on a “healthy” diet, Andy would never have known the potential health dangers of mercury found in tune without having a hair analysis performed.

He is relieved to know he prevented future health problems, and now he knows how to adjust his diet and supplement program to achieve optimum health.

Andy’s Program

The Doctor's Data hair analysis.

Andy’s follow-up hair analysis after detoxing.

Andy began detoxing regularly, and he made better food choices. He spent a little more money on buying better quality foods, and he avoided as many food chemicals as he could – for a hard working college student, that is. He started taking his vitamins again, and he supplemented with extra lithium from natural food sources and a lithium supplement.

As you can see, his mercury levels lowered substantially, his headaches and mood swings stopped, and his energy restored.

Here is Andy’s follow-up hair analysis 18 months later.


Message From Andy:

Before I started the detoxification program, I was noticing many health symptoms including:

  • irregular sleeping patterns;
  • fatigue;
  • depression;
  • emotional instability;
  • many other side effects.

I have always been extremely healthy, so I was sure my diet had nothing to do with my symptoms. Tuna’s healthy, right?

I was wrong.

I decided to try Dr. Hull’s detoxification program. With the results that came back from the hair analysis, I identified mercury poisoning within my body from all the canned tuna I had been consistently eating for several years.

My health symptoms improved quickly, and I feel better than ever!

The results from the detox program have given me more energy, I require less sleep because I am not tired all of the time, but most of all, my body feels healthier than it ever has before.

Thank you so much,
Andy Smith


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