Top 10 Hair Analysis Benefits

1. Discover Hidden Toxins

Find out what harmful substances are in your body and how to remove them. Our world is becoming more polluted by the day – radiation from failing nuclear power plants, mercury remains in vaccinations, GMOS and toxic food additives are unlabeled, and toxins from farms to public water supplies are in the soil, air, and water. It is always good to know what toxins you may be high in so you can identify the sources and remove future exposure.

2. Find The Source

Gain clarity to unresolved health symptoms by identifying the sources of toxins. It is important to determine if exposure to harmful toxins is from your past, or if you are still exposed to toxic metals. Once you determine the source(s), you can then avoid future exposure.

3. Stay in Balance

Discover which vitamins and essential health nutrients you are low in or too high in. Toxins affect your nutrient levels by either depleting them or reflecting them out of your body before they have been assimilated. Many times when you go to the vitamin store, you are not sure which vitamins and minerals you really need. The hair analysis can clarify this question for you.

4. Personalized Nutrition

Design a healthy regimen for your personal lifestyle, including all ages and activity levels. Everyone is different, and what wroks for one person may not work for you. A hair analysis shows your personal profile, and this leads to an individualized nutrition program based on your hair own analysis results.

5. Nutrition Progress

Track your health progress in a simple, natural way. Many people do a follow-up hair analysis once a year to make sure that they are staying on the health track. A follow-up hair analysis can tell you if you are currently exposed to certain toxins, and it can ease your mind by showing your progress adopting an individualized, healthy and nutritional lifestyle.

6. Healthy Pregnancy

Prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant, if possible, it is wise to do a hair analysis to see how healthy your body is. Pregnancy draws nutrients from the mother, and the healthier you are, the easier your pregnancy, the healthier your baby, and the easier your delivery can be.

7. Lose Weight

Lose weight and learn how to maintain it. Many times, toxins can create weight gain. Toxins can cause false weight, they can impact the thryoid gland and the pancreas, and toxins can rob your body of the nutrients used to maintain a healthy weight. By identifying and removing toxins from your body, weight loss can be a common side effect.

8. Sleep Better

Learn what nutrients affect your sleep cycle. The nutrients that assist in a good night’s sleep have been taken for granted in today’s pharmaceutical world. Many times, hormone nutrients and toxins can alter the fine-tuned production of the hormones that produce restfullness and sleep. The hair analysis can show these imbalances and the levels of toxins at the root of a good night’s sleep.

9. Have More Energy

Learn what your body lacks for fuel. Energy is the product of the essential nutrients your body requires for fuel. To increase your energy level, naturally, learn if toxins are present (drawing your energy production down), and if your essential nutrient levels are in balance.

10. All Online

The best thing about my hair analysis program is that you can do it all from the convenience of your own home. No one sees your health report except you and me. We can discuss your health goals and concerns via phone or email with complete confidentiality!

The hair analysis online opens up the world. Whether you live in North Dakota or Queensland, Australia, you can learn about your health status from home, and activate a wellness program no matter where you live. How awesome is that!

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Dr. Hull's Hair Test is $180 USD which includes a lab report and her detailed interpretation with nutrition recommendations.