How to Order a Hair Analysis

We have provided several links for information on submitting your hair sample. This is the link to get started. Go to this page to learn how much hair to cut for your hair analysis, and visit … [Read more...]

How Do I Receive My Hair Analysis Report?

Can the hair analysis report be emailed after the lab analysis is complete, or will the report only be mailed to me? Yes, we do email to you an advanced copy of the hair results and Dr. Hull's … [Read more...]

Hair Length and Toxicity

I have a question before sending in the hair sample. Your site says a "one inch sample of hair next to scalp shows the past 2 months of growth." So, a three inch sample shows six months.  My hair is … [Read more...]

What if I have follow up questions?

You can email us. Click here to contact us via web. … [Read more...]