Hair Submission Instructions

Thanks for your hair analysis order! Follow the steps below and watch the hair submission video. We will be contacting you through email as well.

Step 1

Cut samples of the young hair at the back of the head at the neck area. If there is any concern about chemicals on your head hair, pubic hair is commonly submitted.

Using stainless steel scissors, cut the hair as close to the scalp (or skin) as possible. It is best if small amounts of hair are cut from 5 or 6 areas at the back of the head.

Step 2

As each piece of hair is cut from the head, save only 1-inch (2.5 cm) of the hair closest to the scalp (new growth). Cut off and discard the rest.

If your hair is too short to cut, pubic hair can be submitted, but only one type of hair (can not combine types!).

Step 3

0.25 grams of hair is a sufficient amount for the analysis. This is equivalent to an approximate heaping tablespoon (more is better).

Step 4

Place the hair in a sealed zip-lock baggie and label the date of sample (very important).

Step 5

Mark on the baggie indicating if it’s head or pubic hair (send equivalent to one heaping tablespoon of hair).

Step 6

Mail your hair sample to us and include any additional information you didn’t submit with the patient form.

Mail Your Sample To:

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

31981 Oyama Rd.

San Benito, TX 78586

Thank Your for Your Order!